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Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula offers high-quality, protein-rich dog food made with fresh, regional ingredients. It promotes overall health and well-being.

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula is a top-tier dog food option. This formula features fresh, regional ingredients, ensuring your pet gets high-quality nutrition.

The primary ingredients include free-run chicken, turkey, and cage-free eggs, providing a rich source of protein. It supports muscle development and overall health.

The recipe also includes vegetables, fruits, and botanicals for balanced nutrition. This grain-free formula is ideal for dogs with grain sensitivities.


Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula is a premium dog food known for its top-notch ingredients. This formula features high-quality protein sources and nutrient-rich whole fruits and vegetables. Understanding these ingredients helps pet owners make informed choices.

Chicken, turkey, chicken meal, whole red lentils, whole pinto beans, whole green peas, chicken liver, chicken fat, catfish meal, whole chickpeas, whole green lentils, whole yellow peas, lentil fiber, turkey giblets (liver, heart, gizzard), eggs, fish oil, natural chicken flavor, chicken heart, pea starch, salt, vitamin E supplement, dried kelp, whole pumpkin, mixed tocopherols (preservative), zinc proteinate, calcium pantothenate, collard greens, whole apples, whole pears, vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3 supplement, riboflavin, folic acid, freeze-dried chicken, freeze-dried turkey, copper proteinate, dried chicory root, turmeric, sarsaparilla root, althea root, rose hips, juniper berries, citric acid (preservative), rosemary extract, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Bifidobacterium animalis fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product.

Use Of Whole Fruits And Vegetables

Acana includes whole fruits and vegetables like apples, pumpkins, and leafy greens in this formula. These ingredients offer natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They support digestion, boost the immune system, and maintain a shiny coat. Including whole fruits and vegetables ensures a balanced diet for your dog.

Nutritional Value

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula is a premium dog food that promises to deliver high nutritional value. This formula is crafted with care to ensure your furry friend gets a balanced diet. Let’s dive into the nutritional value of this dog food.

Protein And Fat Content

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula boasts a high protein content sourced from free-run chicken, turkey, and nest-laid eggs.

  • Crude protein (min.) 29%
  • Crude fat (min.) 17%
  • Crude fiber (max.) 6%
  • Moisture (max.) 12%
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) (min.) 0.1%
  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) (min.) 0.1%
  • Calcium (min.) 1.2%
  • Phosphorus (min.) 1%
  • Vitamin E (min.) 750 IU/kg
  • Omega-3 fatty acids* (min.) 0.5%
  • Omega-6 fatty acids* (min.) 2.4%
  • Glucosamine* (min.) 600mg/kg
  • Taurine*(min.) 0.1%

METABOLIZABLE ENERGY: 3475 kcal/kg (396 kcal per 8 oz cup), with 29% from protein, 29% from carbohydrates, and 42% from fat.

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Quality And Safety

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula is a top-notch pet food that prioritizes quality and safety. Pet parents demand the best for their furry friends, and Acana delivers. This blog post delves into the quality and safety aspects of this exceptional formula.

Sourcing Of Ingredients

Acana sources its ingredients from trusted local suppliers. The poultry used in the formula is free-run, ensuring the birds are raised in a humane environment. This approach guarantees high-quality, fresh ingredients in every batch.

The formula includes fresh, regional ingredients such as eggs and turkey. These ingredients are delivered fresh or raw to the kitchen daily. This practice helps retain the nutrients and flavors essential for your pet’s health.

Key ingredients include:

  • Free-run chicken
  • Free-run turkey
  • Fresh eggs

Each ingredient is carefully chosen to provide balanced nutrition. This ensures your pet gets the best possible diet.

Manufacturing Processes And Certifications

Acana’s manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art. Their kitchens adhere to strict standards to maintain quality and safety. The company uses a unique process to prepare the food, ensuring nutrient retention and flavor.

Certifications and quality checks:

GMP CertifiedGood Manufacturing Practices ensure high standards.
HACCP CertifiedHazard Analysis Critical Control Point for safety.
ISO 9001Quality Management System certification.

The company performs regular quality checks. This ensures each batch meets the highest standards. Their commitment to safety and quality makes Acana a trusted choice for pet parents.

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Taste And Palatability

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula stands out for its superior quality and delicious taste. Owners and pets alike appreciate this formula for its high palatability. This blog post dives into the taste and palatability of this popular pet food, focusing on pets’ reactions and the variety of flavors available.

Pets’ Response To The Formula

Many pet owners notice their pets eagerly anticipate meal times when served Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula. Dogs and cats show excitement and enthusiasm as they approach their bowls. This formula uses high-quality, fresh ingredients that pets find irresistible.

Reports show that even the pickiest eaters enjoy this formula. Pets often finish their meals faster and leave their bowls spotlessly clean. The natural flavors and freshness of the ingredients make this formula a top choice among pets.

Variety Of Flavors Available

Acana offers a range of flavors to suit every pet’s preference. The Free-Run Poultry Formula includes a mix of chicken, turkey, and duck. Each flavor is carefully crafted to ensure maximum palatability.

Here is a table summarizing the flavors available:

ChickenFree-run chicken, chicken liver, chicken heart
TurkeyFree-run turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart
DuckFree-run duck, duck liver, duck heart

This variety ensures that pets never get bored of their meals. Owners can switch between flavors to keep their pets excited and satisfied. This variety not only enhances the taste but also ensures a balanced diet.

Price And Affordability

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula offers a premium option for pet owners. The formula boasts high-quality ingredients and nutritional benefits. Let’s dive into its price and affordability to see if it matches its quality.

Comparison With Similar Products

When compared to other high-end pet foods, Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula stands out. Many premium brands offer similar ingredients but often at higher prices. Here’s a quick comparison:

BrandPrice per Pound
Acana Free-Run Poultry$3.50
Orijen Regional Red$4.00
Blue Buffalo Wilderness$3.20

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula is competitively priced. It offers a balance between cost and quality that many pet owners find appealing.

Value For Money

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula provides excellent value for money. The high-quality ingredients ensure your pet gets the best nutrition. The formula includes free-run chicken, turkey, and eggs. These ingredients are rich in protein and essential nutrients.

Key benefits include:

  • High protein content
  • Natural ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives

Investing in Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula means investing in your pet’s health. The price might be higher than some other brands, but the quality and benefits make it worth every penny.

Customer Reviews

Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula has caught the attention of many pet owners. Customer reviews provide valuable insights into the product’s performance. Let’s dive into what pet owners have to say.

Positive Feedback From Pet Owners

Many pet owners love Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula. They praise its high-quality ingredients and nutritional value. One user mentioned that their dog's coat became shinier and more vibrant after switching to this formula. Another pet parent noted that their dog's digestive health improved significantly.

Pet owners also appreciate the grain-free formula. They believe it suits dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. One reviewer stated, "My dog used to have itchy skin, but since starting Acana, the itching has stopped." They are grateful for the positive health changes in their pets.

5 star: The food seems fine. Smells good to me but I have the pickiest dog on the planet.

Negative Reviews

Despite the positive feedback, some pet owners shared negative experiences. A few mentioned that their dogs didn't like the taste of the formula. They found their pets were reluctant to eat the food. One reviewer said, "My dog sniffs it and walks away." This suggests that palatability might be an issue for some dogs.

Another common complaint is the price. Some pet owners feel that Acana Free-Run Poultry Formula is expensive compared to other brands. They believe the cost is too high for their budget, which makes it hard to sustain long-term feeding.

1 star: It's kind of tough to review dog food. All I can tell you is neither one of my dogs would eat this kibble.

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